Purely handmade is a furniture and woodworking store with ecology as it’s core value. We work only with sustainable and upcycled wood around Bollenstreek

or the entire Netherlands. We treat every piece of furniture with respect by using ancient joinery techniques, non toxic oil for the finishing and natural pigment to color it.

By saying sustainable wood we mean that we use trees that needed to be cut down for hygiene or safety reasons and instead of making them biomass we make furniture!

Feel free to browse through our portfolio and costumers testimonials.

Recent work


Jam de la Rama

Was excited when we received this coffee table (custom-made)! Wasn’t expecting it to be this sturdy and it looked pretty heavy duty. The wood is definitely one of a kind so I am very happy with that! And since we have a little one around the house, it’s a relief to know that no harmful chemicals (just natural oils) were used to cure and seal the wood! A piece of nature right at the corner of our dining room!

Eleni Prifti

An amazing small business, from a young man that has a deep love for natural, toxic free, sustainable, vegan products made from wood. All his products are unique and separate from the mass of line production. We loved it!

Marcel Filippo

Yannis is een vakman met hout. Hij weet wat hij met hout kan en bewerkt het op een zeer natuurlijke manier. Als je iets op maat laat maken krijg je zeker waar voor je geld !

Salil johri

A wonderful local business whose unique designs embody the passion of using sustainable, toxic free and locally available wood.. we have been extremely pleased with the designs and quality of work, and hope to have more in our house !!

Loes Roeleven

Yiannis is een kunstenaar met hout. Hij leert mij, met heel veel geduld, om houtverbindingen te maken op traditionele wijze en met natuurlijke oliën te werken. Zoals hij zelf de meubels en originele kettingen maakt.