An elegant bathroom furniture for Van Der Hulst Bouwbedrijf.

A single oak slab of 2.70 meters sustainably harvested from Germany.
Very strong push to open mechanisms holding up to 30kilos each drawer.
And of course a window seal from the same slab.

Upcycled Wc furniture for Van Der Hulst Bouwbedrijf.

A piece of furniture with a character, is following very precisely the measurements given by the architect.
Finished with natural oils and equipped with a push to open mechanism.
This beautiful bookmached piece comes from a rest piece of the bathroom oak top, making them one blood.

Full living room furnishing in Sassenheim

Rough to the look, smooth to the touch.
A clean cut of sustainably harvested platanus wood.

Display table for Van der Meer interieur in Sassenheim.

This beautiful piece of furniture was made using sustainable beech wood grown in the Netherlands and finished with ecological oil.
The base of the table was made with 4 different types of strong joinery, so glue was barely used.
The table can also be easily disassembled into 5 pieces for easy transport.
Curved base and polished top.
Made for Van der meer interieur in Sassenheim
Joinery so strong that glue is unnecessary.

Upcycled custom coffee table.

And this is what we mean upcycled wood.
We collect unwanted waste wood like this door profile and we reuse them.
One go on out thickness machine, and this piece of wood is like new!
This is also waste wood from a local wood mill.
The result…

This is a rental piece for a massage studio in Sassenheim

The entrance of the studio.
Special curved butterfly joinery. You can also see the mat finish on the table top.
Butterfly joints are rarely applied n the cross cut section because it’s too tricky to make.

And always with a story.

Exclusive wooden dressoir with hand carved handled made entirely from upcycled wood!

Believe it or not this piece of furniture was made from the waste wood of a big saw mill.
Detailed work…
With a touch or ancient joinery techniques
Designed by Purely Handmade.

Live edge Pic- nic table.

Custom made picnic table made from city wood harvested from Warmond, The Netherlands,reinforced with strengthening joinery on the legs,butterfly joints to prevent the crack from spreading and oiled 4 times with natural A+ water and UV rays proof!!
The ultimate Picnic table!

A sustainable project for a sustainable company.

Made entirely on city wood coming from Warmond, Netherlands.
Made for (E.E.Care) Environment Energy Care, Warmond.
Using the purest oils.
Cracks secured with butterfly joinery.
A view from the workshop.
Always with the tree’s story.

Artistic dining table.

Purely Handmade Metasequoia live edge, dinner table, Made from city wood with respect for the environment and our forests.
Perfect place for Santa to stop for a while😁
Finished with tung and linseed oil.
*Details painted with black pigment.
*Legs were upcycled, burned and finished with the same oil.

An upcycled piece of art.

Very proud to present our companies philosophy with this coffee table.
Made 100% from wood remainings (top) and upcycled wood (legs). Butterfly joints were used to stop the split from spreading and for the legs no nails or hardware.
Customized for the client’s needs.

For finishing only toxic-free, vegetable oil was used.
A beautiful coffee table that protects the forests and brings an artistic natural piece in your livingroom.

Platanus coffee table.

100% upcycled wood coming from the city of Warmond, Netherlands.
Painted with natural oil and black pigments.
Traditional joinery.
Every tree has a story and we want you to know it.

100% upcycled bench for a local restaurant.

Made with upcycled wood, hand carved and joined without nails or hardware makes it a piece of art.!

Live edge picture frames.

Made entirely from city wood

Handmade wooden necklaces.

Burned oak wood
Beautiful beechwood.
Rope made from waxed cotton.
Hand carved wooden hearts.

For a hardcore southpark fan!

Hand carved and painted with natural pigments.